5 Instagram Habits That Need to End 2

INSTAGRAM – we all love to use it, but there are a few habits out there that probably would need to end right about now…Here is a list of the top 5 most annoying types of Instagram habits.

1. Showing your business class airline ticket – Whats that, a picture of your passport that you kindly want to show me? why thank you, I did not know you were from that country..hey what’s that I see so well “hidden” in the background…is that an airline boarding pass? Wait..does that say ‘business class’ on it? Ohhhh…you must have “accidentally” forgot that your ticket was still in the camera frame while trying to show me your nationality and now people will “accidentally” know you are travelling business. Tell you what though, you sure do put the ‘ass’ in business class.

Business Class
2. #Hasthaging #Everything – #yes #even #words #that #really #really #dont #need #to #be #hashtagged. I know they are free and all, but come on buddy my eyes do pay a price eventually.
3. Healthy Food – I never knew this..but apparently it turns out that if a food item is not a burger or a pizza, it’s automatically classified as #healthy by the instagram foodie elite a.k.a the Instagram Digestive Institute Of Talking Absolute Stupidity (IDIOTAS). Posting a deep fried banana just because its a fruit and tagging it #healthy does not indicate to me that you are a new age health-conscious hipster, instead it indicates to me that one too many deep fried bananas can cause delusion.
4. Selfies – While I do appreciate you taking me through a tour of all the different areas in your house that you believe are adequate backgrounds for your face, I do believe that once I have seen your face once I may have already seen your face one too many times and there may actually be no more need for any more selfies…ever. Kudos though for keeping it creative and expanding to different mirrors in your house, to elevators at times and to the every so often reflection off a glass door. Also thank you very much for hashtagging all the brands you are wearing, I really was curious about where you got your socks from.
This woman is doing it right

This woman is doing it right

5 – Art that only you get – 20 hours later and not a single like on that picture of the that mysterious looking metal scrap you posted? Beats me why no one would like it, really…its genius. Don’t worry though, your still an artistic photographer in your on right…don’t get discouraged..keep posting all those great artistic (a.k.a weird) shots you likely took after eating one too many of your deep fried bananas.
Art Maybe?
If you feel I missed any go ahead and add them in the comments section.
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2 thoughts on “5 Instagram Habits That Need to End

  1. Reply Yasmin Al A. Jun 17, 2013 17:24

    I must admit, I’m guilty of number 2 and 4 but come on! :( hahaha super conscious as I may be right now because of your post, I’m still gonna do it!! :p

  2. Reply Dina Jun 27, 2013 11:31

    #hilarious #funny #haha #howcomeineversawthispostbefore #youforgottomentionpeoplewhodontpostpicsoftheirticketsbutpicsoftheirbusinessorfirstclassscreenthatinconspicuouslyysays7A

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